too long at the fair...

Tuesday was "Family Fun Day" at the Washington County Fair...and since Hank got free tickets for us from his job, and the boys are all under 12, it didn't cost us anything to get in.  BIG plus for a family of 5!
Hank also got $10 worth of food coupons to use at the Boy Scout's concession stand.  a second nice plus!

With it being family fun day, we bought the hand stamp for the price of $20/per child allowed them the opportunity to ride any ride (that they were tall enought to ride) all day long!  BIG HUGE PLUS!
especially since each ride was anywhere from 3-5 tickets @ $1.00 per ticket!!!!  yikes!

The very FIRST thing that Hank HAD to see, was of course the cars!  LOL!  especially the Dodge Challenger, which is his DREAM CAR! 

Next, we hit the animal exhibits...Stephen is a HUGE fan of the animals!  He was so excited to see the horses, cows, sheep, goats, piglets, etc...Jacob, well..not so much!  LOL! Nick was ok with visiting the animals, and even petted some, which is a HUGE step for him! 


finally we cruised on over to the rides and the ACTION!  the boys were SUPER excited to go on the rides!
Poor Jacob was just an inch short of getting on the rides that require you to be at least 42" tall.  Next year for sure!! 

for lunch, we ate hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, and Nick had his usual PB & raisins!  and of course they had to have LEMONADE!  then we hit the rides again...and my feet were starting to ache!

the boys did not want to see any attractions, or any shows, so they just kept going on their favorite rides..over and over and OVER again!  they did play one game...a fishing game.  and each one a VERY small stuffed animal.  but at least they won!  we didn't get into playing any more games...they were WAY over-priced and the prizes were so cheap!

after having a snack of banana cream pie and coffee, we wondered over to the rides...AGAIN!  LOL!

last year, we were at the fair for 6 hours, and i swore that would never fly again! well....this year, it was 6 hours and counting as we stopped for ice cream.  we were on our way out and the boys wanted to see the Adirondack Cowgirls do their thing.  it was interesting to see how they maneuvered the horses around the arena.  the boys then wanted to see a rodeo.  HA!  no way! it was 7 hours and counting when we fianlly put our very tired and sore feet down and said we were going home! LOL

with the boys not so happy we were leaving, we finally said goodbye to the Washington County least for another year.  we all had a really FUN day, but stayed WAY too LONG at the fair!! 


  1. MaryAnne, I really enjoyed reading about your adventures at the fair, what a great day you and your men must have had!Loved the pictures too!

  2. Sounds like a fabulous (and tiring) day! Great pictures...what a fun mom you are :)


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