today has been one of those days.
a day where you would like to get sooooo much done, but there are way too many interruptions and distractions.
my house desperately needed a bath today.  i'd say it's been about 2 weeks since i last cleaned throroughly.
i got a late start because i waited until my oldest finally woke up around 9am.  while i waited to start cleaning the upstairs, i did accomplish reorganizing the 2 junk drawers, and clearing off the ever-cluttered counter top!
with breakfast out of the way, i decided to head on upstairs and begin my cleaning rituals.
it never fails...when i try to get things done, someone or something has to rear it's head and stop me in my tracks.  it's all good though. 
After lunch, the Wii, a snack, a movie, outside play, one wet kid and one bruised kid, another snack and another movie later...the house is finally clean.
and all that really matters in the end is that i love my boys, and wouldn't trade them for all the chocolate in the world...or the "Merry Maids" either!!  LOL!


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