July, she will fly...

..and she has!  gone with the wind. out of the spout.  never to return, until next year.  and it was a busy month!

With BBQs, birthdays, picnics, swimming at the lake & swimming lessons, summer school at Temple, tending my garden, an impromptu two day vacation in Mass, and a car accident, the month of July will definitely be one to remember!

This month marked the first time Nicholas went to the Baseball Hall of Fame.  He is a baseball fan and loves the Yankees.  His unlce and grandpa took him to cooperstown for a fun filled day of baseball.  Nick was so gosh darn excited!  it was nice to see three generations together, sharing in something that they all love. 

Also in the month of July, Stephen lost his first baby tooth!  he was overjoyed!  silly to us i know, but to stephen it was a milestone! Nicholas started losing teeth at age 5, and so did many of stephen's school friends.  that tooth had been loose for 2 months!  i think we were all glad that it finally came out! 

With August already in full swing, we are looking forward to spending time with the boys before school starts.  Our church's VBS starts august 9th, and the boys are so looking forward to it.  we love the music CD and have been singing along with it now for a couple of weeks in preparation.  I am volunteering again this year to help out with the preschoolers.  May God grant me patience and perseverence, along with compassion and a kind heart.  last year was very exhausting with the preschoolers and very trying i might add.  but i will come this year with an open heart and a positive attitude!! 

as for the rest of august....well, nothing much planned other than a couple of birthday parties, a play date, & of course our summer evening programs at Temple.  i love those lazy days at home during the summer...with the sprinkler going, Mr. Ding-A-Ling's music telling everyone the ice cream truck has arrived, and watching my boys be care-free before they begin their journey into learning this fall.


  1. Great update, Mare! I love the new look to your blog, and the photo collection is terrific!!! What a lovely summary of a busy month...such a great mama. :)


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