Thursday, August 26, 2010

endings give way to new beginnings...


the summer is coming to an end
the boys' summer vacation is nearly over
my 45th year of life will be ending on 9/5/10
i have to come to terms with my last baby going off to school all day--how do I do that?
our veggie garden is just about on it's last legs--we've enjoyed it so much this year


a new month is just around the corner
soon it will be fall--already leaves have begun to fall from our maple tree
i will begin a new year of life on 9/5/10
school will be starting 9/9/10
it will be Jacob's first year in a full day program--kindergarten!
a new year for MOPS will be starting this fall at our church :)
there has been news of many new pregnancies, and newly born babies in my circle of friends/family

so much to ponder these days...

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