update on my 2010 goals...

1. finish reading through the Bible.  well, i haven't finished reading through the Bible yet.  I am up to Ezekiel.  I find it difficult to just read through the Bible on my own, as opposed to doing a study with a group.

2. find some daily alone time with God.  i find this difficult as well.  however, i have been taking "moments" to listen to the birds, read a verse of scripture, take a deep breath.  these moments are my moments with God.

3. lose 40-50 pounds of baby fat that I've kept on for the last 4 years! (well, I can't call it "baby" fat anymore!) LOL--i have lost 20lbs thus far!  i have 30 more to go.  it seemed so far away in January, but i'm almost half way there!  i think the hardest part for me is not snacking at night.

4. learn how to use my new Canon Rebel SLR!  i am using my Canon regularly and getting used to the auto settings.  i really love the way the pictures come out.  however, i have yet to learn how to use all the manual functions.  i would love to take a class at BOCES or something, but time and finances do not allow for that.

5. scrapbook 100 pages! (hey, that's a lot for me!)  unfortunately, i have only scrapped 6 pages since January.  At this rate, i will not meet my goal of 100 pages.  therefore i am revising this goal to 50 pages.  hopefully i can manage that!

6. declutter my home! (again!)  this has been a constant battle for me.  i used to be so organized.  but it seems i just get rid of clutter (i.e., old clothes, clothes that the boys have grown out of, toys that they have grown out of, old books, etc) and then it just reappears again in the form of something else (i.e., new toys, donated clothes, magazines, etc).  and those darn silly bandz are everywhere! ugh!

7. make sure I keep in touch with my siblings & extended family.  this goal is going well, i think. my siblings and extended family have been in touch often during this year, especially when some out of town family visited.  i love it!

8. become an actual member of my church (instead of just "attending services.")  this may be a goal of mine, but it's something that involves the whole family, especially my husband who is our spiritual leader.  so i am waiting on him and his decision in this matter.

9. go on more dates with my hubby!  other than a kayaking date, and an impromptu lunch date, Hank and I have yet to go out on any other dates this year.  it's been a busy one so far.  if i could solicit child care more often, it would be a whole lot easier.

10. take more time for me!  the only real "me" time i've been taking is at the Y.  but i really enojoy it.
also, i might sneak a quiet moment or two during the day while the boys are keeping busy. 

all in all, not bad for being the second week in July.  however, the second half of the summer looks to be even busier!  yikes!


  1. Good for you, Mare! I'm a little jealous that not only are you meeting your goals (or on the way to meeting them), but that you made the goals in the first place. That is something I should really do come 2011!


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