don't look back...

today started out as any normal day usually does.
got up. got dressed. got breakfast. went to the gym. showered. then bathed the boys.
i decided that the boys needed hair cuts again, so we piled in the car and headed for snip-its.
we didn't get very far.

as all children do, my boys were picking on each other in the car, and yelling loudly.  and as most moms would do, i turned to look back and scold them.  i have done this hundreds of times before and nothing happened.  this time however, was different.  as we approached the stop sign, i saw the white pick up truck in front of me stop and i applied my breaks. i "thought" i saw the white pick up truck's break lights go off and "thought" he was on his way through the stop sign...that's when i looked back.  and that's when i rear-ended the white pick up truck!!  it only took 2 seconds.  the air bag did not deploy, i didn't hit that hard. and the boys were unharmed.
my pride was hurt worse than anything.  no one was injured, but i did get a ticket for following too closely. and my ford is now in the shop.

my car had to be towed.  i should have called Hank. but instead, i called my neighbor.  she couldn't come get the boys and me.  so i was praying on what to do when a car pulled over and asked if we needed a ride anywhere.  well, the man looked to be about 70, with gray & white hair, nicely dressed, and a really nice car.  i figured that this was my answer to prayer, and quickly loaded the boys and myself in the car and off we went.  on the way home, we talked about the story of the Good Samaritan from the bible.  the driver knew this story well and told of a time when he was in need of help and someone stopped to help him.  he never saw that person again to thank him properly.  and now it was his turn to "pay it forward."

now there is a long story surrounding this...i.e., why i didn't call a cab, or my husband; and the insurance company said the car rental place didn't have a car for me until friday morning...and the tow truck didn't have room for all of us.  i could go on and on. i was just glad to get the boys home safe.

i looked at this situation and this man coming to our rescue as God's mercy and good grace.  but Hank looked at it as a "stupid decision" and poor judgement on my part, as well as placing the lives of our boys in danger in taking a ride from a stranger. and he is right.  i probably never should have handled it the way i did.
and i learned a few valuable lessons today.

however, i cannot explain it in words to Hank or to anyone else the "feeling" i had about this man. i just knew that it was ok. but my "feeling" is not enough to convince my husband that the hand of God was at play here.
and i suppose i will never live this down.  but that's ok. i know in my heart God was with me today.

i will NEVER look back again. and i urge you not to as well!


  1. Oh Mare! I'm so sorry that happened to you guys!! :( Very glad you're all ok...


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