quiet perseverence...

the dictionary describes "patience" as an ability or willingness to supress annoyance when confronted with delay; or quiet perseverence.

quiet perseverence.  it bears repeating.  who is ever "quiet" about what they want or need?  hasn't it always been said that the "squeaky" wheel gets the grease?  so why quietly persevere?  it's certainly a good question.  being "verbally" patient probably doesn't seem like you're being patient at all.  in fact, don't we tell our little ones NOT to repeat their wantings ad infinitum?  "be patient," we say.  but they have no patience, and continue to "annoy" us until we either finally give them the item, or put them in time out for not listening!  ha!  i can certainly relate to this now.

I am being quiet. perhaps too quiet.
I am waiting and wanting to know about this baby.
I am trying not to put any undo pressure on anyone, including myself.
I am thinking on this precious unborn child.
I am losing sleep.
I am trying to keep busy.
I am beginning to think that it is not meant to be.
I am really trying to be patient.

quiet perseverence... how long are we expected to wait?  only God knows.

I do not claim to be a patient person.  it's difficult to be patient with three little boys. 
then why do I want another one?  that's a good question.  and one i've been asking myself a lot lately.
and it's getting harder to be "quiet" about it.


  1. Lord I thank you for this little boy. I thank you that you have good and perfect plans for him. I pray for your servant Mare too, that you grant her peace and patience, and sleep!

  2. thanks Lauren! you are a sweetie!


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