National Kidney Foundation Walk 2010

...just getting around to posting about our walk last sunday. 

My sisters, Joanne & Yvonne, and I wanted to do something to honor our mom this year, as it's been one year since she's passed away.  Joanne wanted to plant a red maple tree (my mom's favorite), but neither of us had the money to get one, and we couldn't decide on where to plant it anyway.  Maybe next year on that one!

So we decided to walk in the NKF annual Walk.  The boys and I met my two sisters and my nephew Stephen in Albany, and we drove on over to SUNY Albany, Dutch Quad.

it had been raining on and off all morning, and the forecast did not look pretty.  But the rain had let up when we got there.  After a few speeches, and a photo op with Chuck E Cheese, we started our 1-3 mile walk....and that's not all that started!!  It started to rain!  

The boys were having fun with the umbrellas, and at first, it really wasn't too bad walking in it...but things turned bad quickly!  Soon it was thundering and then lightening, followed by a downpour!!  The streets and parking lots were flooding, and we were getting soaked!

It did not deter the many people that showed up for the walk...they didn't seem to mind it!  and I would have perservered myself had it not been for my three little ducklings!  I couldn't risk their safety in this storm!

So we trekked back through the flooding parking lots to our car, squishing and squelching along the way.  Jake was so excited to be walking in the rain and getting wet!  He stomped and splashed in every single puddle back to the car!  And what was I to do anyway?  We were already soaked to the bone...he might as well enjoy himself!! LOL

We are planning on making this walk our annual tribute to our mom.  Hopefully next year the weather will cooperate.  Although this year's walk was a short 30 minutes, it will be one that will be etched into our memories.  Love you mom! 


  1. What a great idea! I also pray that the weather is nicer next year because maybe you'll be pushing a stroller too!

  2. yeah! that would be sooooo awesome Darcy!!


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