the blink of an eye...

I cannot believe that the school year has ended already and summer has started...but here it is!  in all it's glory!
we have started off the summer VERY busy indeed!  and it only looks like it will get busier!
i don't really mind it though.  i want the boys to have a fullfilling summer.
but not too "filled up" with scheduled activities.  i think we will have a good mix of scheduled vs spontaneous activities vs relaxing days at home.
the boys will be taking swim lessons at the Y this year, perhaps a sports camp, VBS at our church, and wednesday evening activities at our church, as well as birthday parties (two of which are their own!), trips to the lake, perhaps a trip to the schenectady planetarium, and a trip to the Boston Aquarium, which we weren't able to do last year!  whew!
no vacation this summer, as we are headed to Disney in Orlando this fall.  they are all so excited about that!
it will also be their first time on a plane!  these will be times to remember.
i hope i can journal much of it and take lots of pictures...because it's all gone in the blink of an eye!


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