update on feelings...

so do you want to hear something positive for a change? I sure do!  LOL
my aunt who made those hurtful remarks to me about my relationship with my mom actually called me yesterday to appologize!!!  what?!  i could not believe it myself!

she watched a show on TV about death and relationships with the deceased, and how it can be just as hurtful to lose a loved one if you are with them daily, or not.  whoa!  was God sending her a message or what!?!

she appologized to me and said she did not think about what she said to me until she saw that show.  then she realized how hurtful that might have sounded and that she did not mean it that way at all!  she also mentioned how hard it would be to raise three little boys and not be able to share their every day stories or happenings with my mom!  i was crying!  it touched my heart so much!  God is really good! yes indeed!


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