mother's day eve...

it's mom's day eve, and i'm sitting alone watching "battle on the block" on HGTV.
all FOUR of my boys are asleep...but only 2 1/2 hours ago, i was restricted to the upstairs. :)
Hank had the boys making mom's day cards and wrapping gifts.  AND Hank was busy setting the coffee pot to brew for 7am, and making bacon for me, so all i have to do is re-heat it in the morning. such a sweet man! always thinking of me.  i love him muchly!
as each one was finished with their respective card, they had to come up and get a bath. then they could go back down to wrap their gift.  so everything got done, albeit a bit later than usual. but the boys were no worse for the wear and are excited for tomorrow! 

i am excited as well.  i still want to reach for the phone and call my mom to wish her a happy mother's day eve...something i have always done in the past.  but instead, i sit here and remember her smile, her laugh, her "tell-it-like-it-is" attitude, and her down to earth lifestyle. 
she always had a way of making everyone feel at ease right away.  she knew just how to break the ice, and made friends where ever she went.  her smile was contagious.  her laugh, boisterous!  i think i inherited her laugh!  LOL
i so wish i could hug her right now.  and that's it.  i have to move on.
tomorrow it's about my boys and their efforts to give me a great mom's day!  and i won't let them down.


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