two boys down...

Well, it's the day after surgery.  Jake is doing well.  Stephen is in some pain.  He won't even eat ice cream!

Both surgeries went well.  The ENT said that Stephen had scar tissue on his right tonsil indicative of an absess, and that his tonsils were full of puss.  BLECH!  His adenoids were huge as well. 
Jake's tonsils were full of puss as well, and his adenoids were so large, they were cutting off almost 80% of his nasal passages. 

We all went into the prep room together...all FIVE of us!  Yes, even Nick was there for support!
Stephen and Jake were in good spirits, and were happy to don the hospital's "pj's."  :)
After waiting for what seemed like hours, and filling in some paperwork, the nurse came in to get Jake.  He immediately started screaming hysterically!  ugh!  The nurse had to pry him out of my arms and carry him in the operating room.  She later came back to say that once he was in there and blowing up some balloons, he calmed down.  I hesitated to believe her because I know my son!  Anyway, Jake was soon asleep and the surgery only took about 20 minutes. 

Then it was Stephen's turn.  He walked right in, hand-in-hand, with the nurse...not even blinking an eye!  What a brave boy he was!  His surgery took a bit longer...about 30 minutes. 

In the recovery room, Jake was sitting up, looking a bit sleepy, feeling a bit sore, but pretty much himself.  He drank some juice and sucked on a pop sickle, and picked out a stuffed animal from a bag the nurse brought over.  He chose Woodstock :)  Then he wanted to get down and play!  oh my!  He didn't...but lay in my arms and sipped his juice, watching Dora and Diego on the TV. 

When Stephen came into recovery, he was not so happy.  He was practically much as you could with a sore throat!!  The nurse and daddy had to calm him down.  He seemed to be in pain, but would not take any cold juice or pop sickle right away.  Daddy held him, and soon after Stephen finally took some juice and sucked a pop sickle.  The nurse then gave him some liquid loritab to help with the pain.
He then chose a snoopy dog from the bag, and proceeded to complain that he just wanted to go home.  We had to convince him that he needed to hang out just a few moments longer so the nurse could make sure he was ok from the surgery.  They had to monitor his vital signs for 30 minutes. 

Through all of this, Nick was so very patient!  I'm sure he was bored!  I had brought some work for him to do, and a book for him to read, but Nick just wanted to play with his tech deck...a miniature skate board!  LOL  But I have to give him props!  I would have been bored to tears!

Before long, it was time to go.  Both boys got to share a ride in a big wheel chair out to the car!  They loved it!  On the way home, we stopped at McD's for milk shakes. 

At home, the boys wanted to go outside and play!  I thought to myself, "wow!  I would have expected that all they would want to do was sleep!"  Of course, I did not allow them outside, per doctor's orders.  However, pretty soon they were chillaxin on the couch watching a movie...dosing off. 

Last night was a bit rough.  Both boys woke up at different times, crying in pain.  I gave them each their meds, and poor Jake threw up some heavy sputum laced with a little blood.  I think that made him more nervous, and he began to cry uncontrollably.  I reassured him that it was normal, but he kept crying, "but there's blood!"  :(  i just hugged him until he felt sleepy again. 

In the morning, both boys were sore.  I again gave them their meds.  Jake had some soft scrambled eggs.  Stephen didn't want to eat a thing....not even ice cream!  He has been saying "I wish I didn't get my tonsils out!"  :(  I feel so bad for him.  I don't know what to do!  I know this will pass in a few days.  I just feel so useless at times like these.   All I can do is pray for them and give them hugs!  (and lots of liquids of course!)


  1. Oh I'm glad everything went well with the surgery! I've lost track a bit on CPF at the moment and forgot when it was.
    I hope they both recover fast! It always breaks my heart to have a sick one to look after.


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