Spring Break...

So tomorrow is Sunday, and the last day of spring break.  I have to admit that the last week has been both challenging and fun. 

The boys had a couple of playdates, and Nick had baseball practice.  Nick and I built an Ostrich nest for his science project, and my cousin Camille came up from PA to visit for a few days.  While Camille was here, the boys really took to her, especially Stephen.  She has a great way with children.  She played games with them, did crafts with them, drew pictures with and for them, and did some stretching with them!  HA!
I wish she lived closer.  The boys absolutely adored her! 

We picnicked at Shenentaha Park and Camille was a big hit!  She looked like a mother hen with her little chicks following her!  Like the Pied Piper, the little ones followed her around the park...not only my boys, but other children as well.  It was so cute.  They played on the playground, played Simon Says, pretended to be airplanes and trains, etc.  Camille has such imagination and such energy!

We planned a BBQ for Thursday evening, and I invited two of my sisters.  They couldn't make it.  :( 
However, we had a blast! 

After a leisurely breakfast on Friday, we headed over to the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga.  I had never been there, and Camille loves dance!  It was so much fun!  The boys found a little area where you can try on costumes and such.  Hank even got in on the fun and tried on a blue wig!  LOL

We then went to the mall, where Hank and the boys, Camille and I parted company.  Hank took the boys to see grandma Jill and Uncle Stefan, while Camille and I had some "girly" time.  Camille found some great tops on sale!  She's so adorably skinny!  We had pretzels, and chocolate covered strawberries!  yum!

Then I had to drive her down to Lathan to meet up with another cousin.  Tomorrow, we will meet Camille at the bus station to say our final good-byes, as she heads back to PA.
It was a great visit! 

Today (saturday), Hank had to work.  The boys and I went to my friend Katie's wedding!  I love weddings!  She was soooo beautiful!  The boys almost made it through the whole ceremony without fidgeting!  :)
Jake was getting a little frisky towards the end.  At the reception, they had bouncy houses!  and hamburgers!  yum!  I think the boys liked the reception better than the ceremony ;)

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming week.  I am glad that school is back in session.  However, I am also not looking forward to Wednesday and the following few days.  Both Jacob and Stephen are scheduled to get their tonsils and adenoids out on the 14th.  Hank and I decided it would be best to get them both done and over with at the same time.   It's time to stock up on pop sickles and ice cream!


  1. What a super-fun spring break! Cousin Camille sounds delightful - so glad you could spend some time together. I hope you took some pictures of the ostrich nest and Hank in the blue wig. :)


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