sometimes it all feels pointless...

May. the fifth month. only two months left of school. only seven months until a new year. it blows my mind.

time is once again fleeting. measuring life by goals set or by things done. seems pointless.

working the sweat out of my bones and not losing a pound.  seems pointless.

staring at TONS of photos ready to crop.  but no desire to scrap. seems pointless

reading two lines of a book. only to put it down. seems pointless.

cleaning the bathrooms. only to have to clean them again the next day. seems pointless.

doing dish after dish after dish after dish after dish.  making bed after bed after bed after bed after bed.

doesn't it all seem pointless.

i saw this horrible crash on the northway today.  turns out it was a fatal accident.  a 74yr old woman from queens.  :( awful.

is there a point to this comment. 


  1. Yeah...Tammy saw the same accident. We had a big chat about it. Why? Why RIGHT THERE and not 20' north or south when the car would have gone into the other side and taken someone elses life too. Who needed to see that? Who needed to have a proverbial tree put in their way so that they could focus more on God.
    Touchy subject for much as I think living w/chronic pain and a brain injury sucks every day...I suppose God needed me to slow down and look around. Luckily for me the trees slowed me down so I didn't go down a ravine. I love trees.

  2. thanks Katie. it was eye-opening for sure. i love trees too.


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