Today was the opening ceremonies for OSAA Baseball!
We started with a parade down main street in Schuylerville to Fort Hardy Park.  All three boys were in the parade.  Stephen and Jake in the T-ball division, and Nick in the Rookie division.The weather was just about perfect for the parade!  The fire truck led the way, and blared it's horn and siren to commence the parade.  The boys loved that!  They also had fun throwing candy to the "crowds."

All the teams in all divisions lined up on the major's field.  We saluted the flag and the National Anthem was played.  There were tons of thank you's and introductions.  Then finally the first pitch was thrown and the games began!
Stephen and Jake didn't have a game today, but Nick's team did. 
Nick was immediately frustrated because he wanted to be catcher.  The coach put him on 1st base.  He played first base for the first two innings, then coach put him on 3rd base.  Nick was not a happy camper. 

While playing the game, some of Nick's team mates were less than attentive to the ball, and Nick was getting more and more frustrated with them.  Things like "come on!" and "throw me the ball!" were coming out of his mouth.  I was laughing to myself, but Nick wasn't being a good sport.  Once when Nick was playing first base, he was standing too close to the base, and the runner on first said to Nick, "you're supposed to be over there."  Well, don't tell Nick where to go!  LOL!  Nick said, "you can't tell me what to do!"  haha!
and once on 3rd base, after his team mate let the ball go through his legs, Nick threw his glove down on the ground!!  Oh my!  This kid belongs in the majors!  LOL  He was killing me!

The game is all for fun, the score was "loosely" kept, but Nick's team lost.  He was none too happy about that, but such is life.  I asked Nick if he wanted to quit or keep playing...Nick said, "I just want to win a game!"  :(  Poor Nick.  I tried to encourage him by telling him it's what he puts into it, not the outcome!  As long as HE was playing his best, that's all he could do.  That didn't seem to go over too well.   **shrug** I can't wait untill his next game!!


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