Jake's little nightmare...

I know I just blogged a new post, but I felt compelled to write about our little nightmare with Jake at the doctor's office...getting blood for his up-coming surgery. 

If you don't know already, Jake and Stephen have been sick quite a lot in the last couple of years.  They both have had multiple ear infections, as well as strep.  Jacob also snores at night and the ENT fears that he has sleep apnea.  Jake's tonsils are HUGE, and the ENT cannot even see his adnoids that well.  SO...both of them will need a tonsillectomy, as well as an adenoidectomy.  The surgery for both is scheduled for this coming Wednesday (4/14). 

Last Thursday, we had to bring them in to our doctor's office to get bloodwork done prior to the surgery.
They were both nervous, Stephen being more nervous than Jake--or so we thought!

We let Stephen go first, explaining every detail...while Jake was being his fiesty little self, running up and down the hallway.

We thought this was "good" because he wouldn't actually see what was going on with Stephen.  Well, just as the nurse was putting the needle in, Jake appeared at the door and Stephen let out a scream! 
That's when the nightmare began!!

Jake started screaming hyterically!  He ran down the hall towards the exit door.  A nurse had to chase after him!  We finally get him into the room, and he just was crying and screaming and kicking and flailing his arms all around!  I was almost to tears myself!

I really wished they had a cot to lay Jake down on while they took the blood.  It was so hard to hold him sitting in the chair.  I wrapped my legs around his legs, took his right arm and tucked it under my right arm, and held his left shoulder with my left hand.  The nurse who was drawing blood held his hand out, while another nurse tried to keep Jake's arm straight.  UGH!  They didn't even have the table down in front of the chair!!  I looked at my husband in earnest, and Hank said to them, "Don't you think you should place his arm on something flat so he won't be able to move it so much??"  Oh thank you honey!!

They finally swung the table down, and placed Jake's arm on it.  Jake still struggled and was still screaming hysterically through all of this!  He was so terrified, he actually wet himself!  I wanted to just get up and leave at that point, but it had to be done.  :(

The three of us finally got Jake's arm straight and was holding him tight when the nurse placed the needle in...AND MISSED THE VEIN!!!  AARRGGGHHHHHH!!!!  I was so disgusted!!  I knew right away, because no blood was coming out into the tube, and Jake screamed even louder!  I told the nurse he had one more shot, then we were done!  He did get it the second try!  Thank GOD!

Poor Jake was actually shaking in my arms!  I softened my grip on him and hugged him to my chest!  What a nightmare!  I hope we never have to do that again! 

What is good about the surgery in the hospital is that Jake will be asleep BEFORE they put the IV in!! 

Ahhhh...that felt good to get out!


  1. Awww Mare - how awful!!! I'm so sorry you guys had to go through that...praying for you all this week as the surgery date draws near.


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