Disaster at the Optician's...

Today did not start out so well...

I had an appointment in the morning to get my glasses fixed.  I had dropped them on the pavement, and scratched both lenses.  :(  Thank goodness they are under warranty!

I had to bring all three boys with me because 1) Hank is working, 2) no sitter, 3) they are on spring break.
So off we went...in the rain.

When we get there, there are but a few people there ahead of us and the receptionist said it would only be about 30 min.  Well, that's bad enough, but I thought to myself, "man, I really hope so!"

45 minutes later, no glasses and Jake is starting to get a bit feisty and annoying and not sharing the only toys in the whole office with other children who happen to be waiting on their parents as well!!  UGH! 
So me being the "mom" I had to do something to get things back to order.  I put Jake in time out in the seat next to me, and he SCREAMED for the next 10 minutes!  I slapped his hand, I threatened a spanking, I told him he was going to go to bed when we got back home.  All in vain.  He continued to cry hysterically.  double UGH!

Finally!  "MaryAnne?"  YES!  THAT'S ME!!!!  I take my three and me over to the optician's desk. 
Yes, my new lenses are in and my glasses fit great!  HOWEVER!  The optician, in his infinite technical abilities, stripped the tiny screw & hole that connects the front frame to the ear piece.  tripple UGH!  and what's worse, he actually GLUED it together!!!  Oh my goodness!  What a mess! 

So, the good news:  I will get a new frame free of charge!  The bad news:  I will need to go back there soon!  QUADRUPLE UGH! 

Anyway, on the way home, I had to stop by the movie store (that's what we call Blockbuster video) to return some movies, then to the bank to make a deposit.  Jake had the gaul to ask if we could go out to eat something!  HA!  I think he forgot all about his behavior at the optician's.

When we got home, the tears ensued because Jake was told to go to his room in order to get his spank for his bad behavior.  It really takes quite a lot out of me these days, both physically and emotionally, to spank my child.  I know it's the right thing to do, and I need to follow through with my "threats" so that the boys know I mean business.  I just wish this stage was over with already!  God give me the strength to endure!

Now all is well in the house.  The boys had their lunch and are gleefully playing with each other...so far!
I sooooo wish it weren't raining!  But as a friend posted on her blog...I am grateful that my flowers and lawn are being watered!  :)


  1. I'm sorry you had such a hard day, but you handled it very well!

    Doesn't it feel great to look at the bright side of things?!

  2. Oh what a day!! You're definitely not alone!! Sorry you had to go through it...hopefully today is a better day.


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