One nice day in the middle of a week, Grandma Jill came by unexpectedly.
Thankfully, Jake and I were home and welcomed her with open arms. 

This was the day that Jake got his new "comfortable" for his twin bed, and all 3 boys got new "feetie" PJ's from grandma. :)

Grandma Jill was talking with Jake, and he was holding his lovey "Blue Beary." Grandma Jill took a long look at that ever-so-loved bear and couldn't help herself! She asked me to fetch the "stuffing" out of her car and so began "operation re-stuff Blue Beary!"

She snipped up his back, ever so carefully, and opened him up. Jake grabbed a handful of stuffing and pushed it in...Grandma Jill helped to push the stuffing into Blue Beary's neck , arms & legs.



Then Jake stuffed the "dupa." (For those of you who don't know polish, "dupa" means buttocks.) Grandma Jill skillfully sewed Blue Beary back up and he was good as new! Well....almost! Blue Beary is a bit worn on the outside, but he is MUCH LOVED!


  1. Those are lovely photos! I think it's awesome that your mother-in-law (Is that right?) keeps stuffing in her car!

  2. That is great! I think it is so nice when Grandparents not only make it a point to see their grandchildren, but also do special things for them. Jake will remember that for many years to come and will always appreciate her taking a little time to do something that was important to him!

  3. yes Lauren...that is my MIL. She just so happened to have some stuffing in there because she's making some stuffed crocodiles for the boys for Easter. :)


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