conversations with myself...

Have you ever had conversatons with yourself?  I do all the time.  My left brain (LB) telling my right brain (RB) what to do, and vice versa.  It can get pretty confusing...but most of the time just funny!

RB:  so, what do you want to blog about this time?  more of your "everyday life experiences?" 
LB:  what if i do? what's it to you?
RB:  I think it's boring...why not write something more creative?
LB:  Like what?  a fictional story?  just make something up?
RB:  no...just something more interesting to read!  no one wants to read about your boring life!
LB:  My life isn't boring!  and besides, it's YOUR life too!! 
RB:  well at least i can come up with something better than "I worked out today!"
LB:  oh get over yourself already!  I'm the one who organizes all your thoughts into a "readable" format!  if it weren't for me, no one could make sense of your jibber jabber!!
RB:  oh please!  spare me the "logistics!"  you're just jealous because i'm the FUN side!
LB:  fun?  you call gluing photos on crazy looking paper fun?  give me a break!
RB:  it's not crazy paper!  it's "patterned" paper, and it's not just "gluing!"  it's called scrapbooking.
LB:  whatever!  let's just get down to it...what are we going to write about next?
RB:  hmmmm....perhaps the beautiful walk we took today in the woods?  how the birds were singing and the air smelled fresh.  or maybe how we were laughing hysterically while we were swinging with Jake.  or even the time we spent reflecting in the car on the way to/from the Y.
LB:  all very good subjects.  but what about the phone calls we made, the work out we did--wasn't it killer? or the homework we helped the boys with, or even the many organizational things we did today...
RB: ok...hold it right there!  talk about boring!  we just went down this road!
LB:  well then hang it up!  we don't need to write a blog post right now's time for bed.
RB:  who says?  it's only like 9:30pm
LB:  so, you're going to stay up late again?  you know you have somewhere to be in the morning!
RB:  hey, i can take it!  haha!
LB:  yeah..until the afternoon when you're dupa is draggin' and you reach for that sweet cup of java heaven!
RB:  Now THERE'S something we can agree on!


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