Chasing my ELUSIVE pre-baby body...

yup.  that's right.  before marriage and children, i was working out 6 days a week  and limited my fat intake during the week to 10-20%.  during the weekend, i ate whatever i wanted to.  :)  those days are gone my friend!  they disappeared shortly after i met Hank--the man of my dreams :)  a man who can cook like no other man i had met before, including my dad!  and, of course, since we were newly dating, we HAD to spend every waking moment together!  so what was sacrificed?  the gym of course....and my slowly-taking-on-weight body!  yikes!

it didn't end there!  after the wedding, we honeymooned in Bar Harbor, Maine.  fine restaurants, "short" walks around town ;)  and HOURS in the hot tub ;)  don't get me wrong!  we had a GRAND time! 
the following month, i was pregnant...and it seemed like i was pregnant for the next 4 years!  hahaha!
(i had three babies in four years.)  my abs went from having a six pack, to having a "sick" pack! and my legs from being "tree trunks," to being flabby marshmellows.  and my arms, well, they just sort of "hung" there.  LOL

i hope you're getting a laugh from all this...i certainly am! 

anyway, i have been chasing that ever so elusive pre-baby body ever since my last baby was born.  (he will be FIVE this september!) not very diligently or aggressively i might add.   but chasing it nonetheless. 

i have been working out at the YMCA since september '09.   i hired a personal trainer in hopes that she could "whip" me into shape like the stars!  HA!  i was just living somewhere over the rainbow! i started out just doing 2 days a week, but thought i had better step up my game if i was going to anything worthwhile.  so now i am up to FOUR days a week.  and well, that's really all the time i can afford right now. 

the cost of a personal trainer became too much and so i had to start taking classes instead of one-on-one instruction.  not bad...the trainer i hired was the instructor of the classes as well!  i really enjoy going and feel like i'm "doing" something to rid myself of this excess weight.  HOWEVER!  since september, i have only lost a total of SIX pounds, which is extremely discouraging.  :(  i definitely feel like i'm putting my ALL into working out.  but sometimes it feels like riding a stationary bike.  i'm working hard and not getting anywhere fast.

i don't care if i feel more comfortable in my clothes, or if people ask me "have you lost weight?" or that perhaps i am gaining muscle and "muscle weighs more than fat"...please!  i STILL want to lose over 40 more pounds to get to that pre-baby body weight!  not to mention the flabby arms, the sagging gut, or the "orange peels" on my thighs!!  UGH!

i know it will take time, but i thought by now i would have lost at least 20 lbs.  it's depressing!  i have cut back on my portions at meal times, have all but eliminated ice cream from my diet, and even started cutting out snacking in the evening.  i am the first to admit that i am NOT perfect!  but i'm working on it. 

i have to say, that sometimes i feel like "what the heck?!"  why put the effort in if i'm not getting the results i want.  :(  just sayin'....


  1. you keep up the good work Mare.................

  2. Oh Mare! First of all, I LOVE your blog's new look - so pretty!! Second of all, you're cracking me up. I love your honesty, and I think you're doing a tremendous job getting back into working out. I know how that pre-pregnancy weight/body can haunt us, but look at your amazing boys! And the workouts you're doing now will help you keep up with their busy-ness. YOU ROCK!! :)

  3. four days at the y is nothing to sneeze at! keep up the good work :)


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