winter break...

So here we are, at winter break already!  Didn't they just have Christmas break?  It seems like it!

The month didn't start out that well, with Stephen & Jake sick with ear infections, only to get better and have the infection return two weeks later.  Nick's frustration at school and his need to be first in everything, has also been a prominent issue.

Then there was the lock-in at the YMCA with Temple.  Stephen & Nick went with dad and had a blast!  They stayed up all night swimming, playing games, having snacks, and just enjoying being awake!  haha!
Nick had a birthday party to go to the next day, and I thought he might blow it off because he was so tired.  But he went and had a great time playing lazer tag with his classmates.  :)

I've been going to the Y, sticking to a routine of strength training and cardio.  I really enjoy kickboxing!  I didn't think I would...I'm not that coordinated!  But it's really fun and I get to "punch" anyone I want to--in my imagination!  hahaha!  I also enjoy spinning.  And of course I LOVE strength training.  I used to train 6 days a week before I met Hank.  After that, my life was a whirlwind and working out got lost in the shuffle.
I might not have lost that much weight, but I feel a whole lot better.  My mood is better, my energy level is up, and I know that I'm doing it to be healthy, not to get skinny. 

Stephen took me to his 1st grade valentine dance.  It was so much fun!  At first, Stephen was shy and didn't want to dance.  Then he loosened up a bit and we danced through a few songs.  We had punch & cookies, & watched the dance crowd.  Then we joined the Conga line!!  woohoo!  what fun!  We did the Hokey Pokey, the Chicken Dance, and even the Macarena!  haha!  watching a bunch of 6yr olds do the Macarena is hilarious!  It was a great evening.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and Hank has to work.  No biggie.  We usually just go out to dinner anyway.  We can do that any old night. 

I wish I could say that I have lots of fun things planned for the boys this coming week, but sadly I cannot. 

On Monday I will be meeting with a lawyer to discuss a possible law suit against St. Mary's Hospital in regards to the death of my mom.  In going through her medical records, my sisters and I came across some inconsistencies and errors that could have possibly led to an untimely death.  I'm not looking forward to it, but it has to be done. 

On Tuesday, I have my yearly pap smear and gyn visit.  yippie.  I say that sarcastically!  With age comes some unexpected changes "down there," which I am none too happy with.  If you are close to the age of the big "M," you know what I'm talking about!  (and YES, i DID go there! lol!)

Then on Wednesday, Hank is having his "nose job."  Grandma will watch the boys as Hank & I head to Glens Falls Hospital.  It should only be a day procedure, and hopefully the ENT can fix his poor nose and sinuses so that he will have less infections & be able to breath better.

On Friday, I will need to drive Hank back to the doctor's office so they can remove the packing.  OUCH!
Then the following Monday, the doctor will remove the splints. 

So it will be a busy week for appointments.  And unfortunately I will not have time to go to the Y.  But watch out the following week!  I'll be ready to kick butt!  :)

P.S.  there is also 2 favs on TV as well...AMERICAN IDOL & the WINTER OLYMPICS! 
        GO APOLO!


  1. very cool & exciting!!! You go Girl!!

  2. great update, mare!! hope you guys enjoy the break...praying hank's surgery goes well. have fun cheering on the olympians :)

  3. Before we know it - it will be SPRING break!
    Have fun this week.

  4. seems like you've had a Topsyturby week! I love watching American Idol too:) Except, my husband and I are done watching it after they go to Hollywood. All of the "good talent" got in:)


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