i'm so darn frustrated!  Nick has had this "thing" about being first all the time for everything!  it's really getting crazy.  this evening, he raced Stephen up the stairs to get to the bathroom first to brush his teeth first, so he could get his pj's on first.  Stephen beat Nick to the bathroom, so Nick pushed Stephen into the sink! UGH!
i just don't know what to do about this competition thing with Nick. 
the big question Hank has is if this is a "choice" for Nick or an uncontrollable behavior.  i don't know.  and i don't know how to find out either.
what's a parent to do?  i'm lost with this one.


  1. I don't see how it could be an uncontrollable behavior, but maybe I'm missing something. Have you tried encouraging him to "serve" others and having him see the blessings of others being first?

  2. Maryann~ My Christopher is the same way and cries and carrys on when he os not first or does not "win". We chalked it up to it being a boy thing and due to the fact he plays life like his video games and remind him that everything is not a game and he does not always have to WIN. Some day are better then others. Hold in there girl....*HUGS*

  3. I don't know if this will help but what about having them go separately. Have one getting pj's on while the other brushes teeth and then swap. I have my youngest two (mostly because they are boy/girl for privacy issues) go to the bathroom at different times to brush their teeth - get ready etc. If he is alone - there is no competition.

  4. I think they all go through something like that. Mine start fighting if I ask one of them to get something for me (like the remote) and they all go into a fit because they want to be the one to now I whisper it.


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