Our VERY BUSY Weekend...

Our Very Busy Weekend started on Friday at 4:30pm.
We decided to do our family movie night at the movie theater instead of at home.
So, we then thought why not have dinner out as well?  And since Hank got a bonus check last week, it was perfect timing. :)
We went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's.  We love the all you can eat salad bar.  It was just starting to get busy with the dinner crowd.  I had the herb-crusted tilopia w/rice pilaf.  yummy.  Jake had a tiny little melt down because he couldn't sit next to daddy, but that ended quickly when he was told that daddy would take him home immediately and he would miss the movie.
We then took the boys to the play area by JC Penney's at the mall.  This was so that they could get all their wiggles and jiggles and jollies out before the movie.  While Stephen and Jake played, Hank took Nick to the watch kiosk to buy a reasonable, but "grown up" analog watch.  Nick just learned how to tell time and got a few 100's on his time tests in school, so this was his reward.  Nick was quite excited to get a big boy watch!
He told us the time every two minutes or so!  This has gone on all weekend!  We will never NOT know what time it is if Nick is with us!  LOL
We still had about a half hour to pass before the movie, so Hank perused the video game store, and we bumped into my nephew in law, Gabe!  They chatted for a few, as I took Jake to the bathroom.  When we returned, we all went to the dollar store for a treat.  Then it was time for the movie.
We saw "The Tooth Fairy," with Duane Johnson.  Yes, the ROCK wore a TUTU!!  too funny!  It was a cute movie, and there were quite a few laughs in it.
We got home very late, around 10pm (well, it was late for the boys!).

Saturday, they woke up at a very early 7am!  I was still exhausted from the night before.  I am SO getting old!  We had an 11am date to go snow tubing down West Mountain with Hank's cousin Cynthia and her family.  So we had breakfast, got dressed and off we went.  It was a beautiful sunny day, and not too cold.
The mountain was not that crowded, and we got tickets right away.  This was only the boys second time ever tubing.  Nick and Stephen were soooo excited.  They wanted to go up to the higher slopes first, but we told them to start at the lower ones to get a feel for it again.  So up the pulley's we went.  I reminded them to "jump" off their tube when they got to the jump off point.  They did great!  I held onto Jake's tube as we went up so he wouldn't have to jump off.  Then we were at the top, and ready to go down, and Jake got hysterical crying.  He was scared to go down.  I just sat him in the tube and said here we go!  and there we went!  All the way down, Jake was crying!  poor thing.  We finally got to the bottom and got off the tubes.  He was not crying anymore, but said he didn't want to go again. 
Well, I convinced him to go up again.  Once more, Jake cried the whole way down.  This time he said he wanted to go down with daddy.  So he went with daddy.  That went over pretty good, so Jake stayed with daddy for a while.  Then ALL five of us went up to the higher slope, and were going to go down together.  But Stephen wanted to go by himself.  So Nick, Jake, daddy and me went down the big slope together, hanging onto each other's tubes.  It was a BLAST!  But Jake cried hysterically!  I think he was afraid of the speed.  By the time we got to the bottom, Jake was covered in snow, and one of his mittens came off.  :)
I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh!!  Finally, Jake got into the swing of things and had a great time. 
Towards the end of our 2 hours, Nick decided that we left him behind and walked out into the parking lot!
We thought that he went up the mountain again.  So we went up.  When we came back down, Nick was no where in sight.  We thought we would wait at the bottom for him.  When he didn't come down after about 5 minutes, I told Hank we had better go looking for him.  Just then, Nick came walking back from the parking lot with a woman who found him crying!  I was so thankful to her!  I nearly jumped up and hugged her!  but I thought she may think me strange, so I just thanked her and thanked her!  Poor Nick was crying hysterically!  I just hugged him and hugged him!  So thankful that he didn't get hit by a car or worse!  Oh the emotions that stirred in me!
I suppose it was partly our fault, because we never even thought about getting separated.  We should have discussed it previously and devised a plan that if we got separated to wait at the bottom for one another.  Lesson learned. 
We went to eat lunch at McD's after, then went to my mother-in-law's for a visit.  We got home late again--around 8pm.  Again, this is late for the boys, because their bed time is usually 7:30pm.

Sunday morning, the boys awoke once again at 7am!  UGH!  It was my turn to work in the toddler nursery at our church, but Hank wanted to continue working on the shelves and such in the playroom.  So we asked grandma Jill to come over and watch the boys for us.  You see, I couldn't bring them with me if I was working in the toddler nursery at church.  So they got to stay home and play. 
Later that afternoon, we had plans to go to dinner at Mark & Jen's.  We were a little late getting started, but we finally got there.  It smelled so wonderful as we went in the door!  garlic chicken!  YUM-O!
The boys played nicely with Lindsey and her "girly" toys.  :)  Jake and Lindsey were so cute together. 
Dinner was AMAZING!  Even Jake and Stephen liked the 40 clove chicken!  That is remarkable in and of itself!  Chocolate cream pie for dessert!  Yes, great food, great company, and lots of laughter! 
Again, we got home a bit on the late side, but it was all worth it.  Our weekend was FUNtasitc!


  1. We are so glad you came! It is a huge treat for Lindsey to have kids to play with at her house. She is wiped out!

  2. Sounds like you had an awesome weekend!

  3. I'm tired just reading about it! I'm glad you had a good weekend!

  4. What an awesome weekend. I would be like Jake, crying all the way down that hill. Probably crying all the way up too.
    You are so wonderfully blessed Mare.

  5. Sounds like such great memories were made!!! What a fun mama you are!!!! :)


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