Do you have any? non-friends? Do you know what I mean by "non-friends?"

Those people who say "hi" to you on a regular basis, when you are "around," but never visit you or ask you to tea & crumpets.

Those people who send you a Christmas card once a year, but never write you a letter or call you. ever.

Those people who say they'll call, but never do...or say something like, "oh! I've been meaning to call you" when you "bump" into them in the store.

Those people who call you to tell you their problems, hardships, blessings & triumphs, but never listen to yours.

Those people who take advantage of your kindness & hospitality, but never return it.

Do you have "those" people in your life? I do.

The sad thing is, if I didn't have those non-friends in my life, I just might not have any friends at all.

Except for maybe CHOCOLATE! CHOCOLATE is my BEST friend! :) there anything to do about these non-friends. Well, if I don't do anything, then I keep them in my life, even though it's meaningless. If I do do something (but what?), then I'm the inconsiderate, heartless person. Hmmmmm. What to do. What can I do.

Maybe some more chocolate will help...


  1. I completely understand what you are saying about non friends. Unfortunately I feel like we were going to a church full of those kind of people. No one ever called, or tried to form friendships. You see them in public or even at church and it was "Oh we should get together"
    I can not be friends with chocolate either, it stays around forever on my thighs...:)


    I know what you mean. I never thought Queensbury was the end of the Earth, but I think we have geographically isolated ourselves. We don't even have non-friends. Just some non-neighbors.


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