the dictionary states that indifference is a lack of interest or concern, unimportance, apathy, mediocrity, having no bias or preference, neutral in character.
this is the very thing that keeps people from moving forward, from asking questions, from pursuing lifetime goals.

i often wonder if i am indifferent...
indifferent to my surroundings, to my neighbors, to what's happening in my town, my country, the world.

i have felt indifference before...but that was before i had Jesus, before i was married, before i had children.
that indifference led me down a very lonely and destructive road...not a good place to be.

i am praying that this time i will choose a different road.  the narrow road.  it would be so easy to slip down that wide, weathered path.  but i have something different then i did 15 years ago...i have Jesus.  i have a way to fight that indifference.  i have strength and hope and faith in a God who is loving and forgiving.  i can stand on that faith and know that He will be there to help me.

and as Pastor Duke always says, "if you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."


  1. I have felt that way many of times. Wondering if I am indifferent because I don't get all worked up about the world and all that is happening.
    Thoughts to ponder...

  2. I have felt this way too mostly because I have felt helpless. Who am I to make a difference? What can I do? Nobody cares about me. It just seems like too much trouble for what its worth and I just don't have the know-what-to-do, the energy or the time. My focus is on what is going on in my house and honestly that takes up most of my time. I guess that is selfish. This does make me think about my own indifference... that is probably the reason I struggle in praying consistently (whole heartily) for others and situations that ought to move me to fall on my knees... indifference.


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