the end of january??

time just blows my mind!  it's the end of january already and life is flying by.

i only have 11 months left to complete my goals.

i've only lost 5lbs.

i've only completed 2 scrapbook pages.

i've only read a handful of psalms.

my alone time with God is a silent prayer in the morning and evening.  not quite enough!

i have not been able to declutter because my wonderful husband is working on some much needed storage in the playroom!  (so i'm not counting this goal as incomplete yet!!).

my hubby and i have NOT been on ONE date all this year!

alone time for me has constisted of grocery shopping, chores, & consulting with my bank's financial advisor. this was not what i had in mind for "alone time."

my husband and i have discussed becoming members of our church...but that is as far as it's gotten.  Hank is still having a hard time with the leadership changes there.

i HAVE called all of my siblings except one...who doesn't care to talk with me or associate with me anymore, and hasn't for the last several years.  i still don't know why.  i don't even have his phone number. not that he would pick up anyway.

i HAVE been playing with my new camera, but have only been using the automatic functions.  i REALLY want to take a class!  perhaps in the spring...

so not much accomplished this month.  no worries.  i am grateful for the time we've had this month as a family.  the boys are the third most important thing in my life (after God and my husband).

we've been tubing down west mountain, been to the movie theater, been to Chuck's, been to tree paad, been to dinner at a friend's house, had friends over, family game nights, play dates, trips to grandma's, & i am so thankful for the time i get to spend at the Y.  and let's not forget the mundane...helping my boys with their homework, giving them baths, hearing them brag about their accomplishments :)  the list goes on.

not a total loss!  as the year counts down...


  1. What you've done with your boys is accomplishment enough! As you said, they are third most important people in your life. The rest will all fall into place.

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  3. Wow, I think you've accomplished quite a lot in a month!! And you've done such wonderful things - things that matter. :)


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