In honor of blogging, I would like to pose some questions to my "stalkers."  :)

1.  Do you blog?  If so, give 3 reasons why you blog.

2. Is there a certain subject you like to stick to, or is anything fair game?

3. If you don't blog and read other people's blog, give 3 reasons why you like to read other people's blog. 

 4. If you do blog AND read other blogs, give 3 reasons why you follow other blogs.

This is just for my own information.  It will not be published in some random survey somewhere!  LOL! 

Thanks for participating!


  1. 1) Yes, I blog. a) I'm a blabbermouth & blogging lets me "get it out." b) sometimes I'm excited about something and want to share it. c) several friends have read some of my silly facebook updates and requested that I tell more via a blog

    2) Usually my kiddos, special events, and my "issues" (like exercising and eating right). Sometimes I share recipes or inspiring lyrics/stories.

    3) N/A

    4) a) I am NOSY! (curious) LOL; b) I love to hear what my friends are thinking/feeling/experiencing; c) I usually learn something new (new recipes, new ideas, new point of view)

    Love ya, Mare! :)

  2. Yes, I blog. 1. To help me remember things that have happened. 2. It keeps friends and family up to date with out me having to tell the same story so many times. 3. I enjoy it, it is therapy for me.

    I actually have 3 blogs. 1. Is my life journey. 2. Is my journey with God. Usually a bible study of sorts I am doing and I post in that blog. 3. Is a new one that I started because my daughter was diagnoised with RSDS. It will help keep up with things that have happened and a place to vent about that one subject. Also to keep people informed.

    I enjoy reading about what other are doing and going through. I like to encourage or sympathize with them. I also like that I can pray for them about things that are going on in their lives. Even when they don't ask for prayer, you know by reading that they need it.

    I expect a full report on your findings :)


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