atypical day...

Wednesday morning started out very the boys up, dressed, fed, Nick & Stephen's lunch/snacks packed, and got them off on the school bus.  Oh! and don't forget COFFEE!! 

Even in this "routine," there was a certain "bounce" in my step, a gleem in my eye, a "je ne sais qua" in my demeanor...for today I had a "date" with some MOPS friends that I hadn't chatted with in quite some time.

Jake and I ventured out to Clifton Park for a morning of fun.  After an initial "shy" spell, Jake went on his way and played very nicely with the other kiddos, while the mommies enjoyed coffee/tea, decadent sweet rolls, "adult" conversation, and LOTS of laughter!  Ahhhhh...yes, this is what laughter with the gals feels like.  I had almost forgotten.

Then, all too soon, it was time to leave.  We said our goodbyes and headed up the Northway to Jake's preschool.  After dropping Jake off, I decided to go shopping--a little retail therapy, still basking in the after effects of laughter and good company.  I needed a good pair of snow boots anyway  (a nice excuse!).

First stop-Target.  Not much in the boot department, so I did what I always do while in Target--sniff out the SALES!  I found a wool hat in a lovely shade of pink (for me), two pairs of wool gloves (for me), a pair of jeans & an argyle sweater (for Jake)...all for only $8.05.  SCORE!  That felt good. 
But I still needed boots.

Second stop-Dick's Sporting Goods.  I spent quite a lot of time looking at everything BUT boots...workout gear, sneakers, winter jackets, etc. and finally boots!  I really wanted Sorrel's, but they were out of my size in the one's I liked.  So I "settled" for Columbia's, which aren't that bad, and the price wasn't shocking ($75); so I bought them.  Now at least my toes will stay warm down to -32 degrees celsius!

I was feeling pretty good, despite shopping alone; which can be boring sometimes.  Just browsing the stores, not really looking for much, really cleared my head.  I needed a few grocery items, so..

Third stop-Price Chopper.  When I got out of PC, I still had time to kill before picking Jake up, so I decided to go to...

Fourth stop-Barnes & Noble.  I was perusing the shelves, and thought it quite ironic that the "sexuality" books were positioned right next to the "addiction/recovery" books.  Seriously?  Anyway, I found 3 tables of items at 75% off!  I picked up 4 pkgs of Christmas tissue paper, 2 writting journals, & a game of Dominos (for ages 3 & up), all for $8.23!  Another SCORE!  Of course while in B&N, I just HAVE to partake in one of their lattes!  They didn't let me down.  They had the most delicious cinnamon dolce latte.  YUM! 

As I waited in the parking lot at Jake's school, sipping my latte, I realized that I hadn't had any lunch and I was famished!  So I reached into my PC bag and got a banana and an apple turnover to eat.  I felt kind of naughty eating that in my car!  HAHA!  It reminded me of a movie with Merideth Baxter Bernie about a balemic woman.  Go figure! 

2:55pm...time to get Jake and head home to get his brothers off of the school bus.  And so ended my "atypical" day.  The rest of the day/evening was back to my normal routine.  I enjoyed my atypical morning...I  found that there was a "glimmer" of light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. Yay Mare!!! I loved laughing with you girls too!!! So glad you had a fun day...nice job on all those sale items you found. If it makes you feel better, I will admit to eating a snack or two in the car - sadly, Taco Bell taco sauce stains pretty badly, so the evidence was all over my shirt afterwards! LOL

  2. Sounds like a FUN day! I love that kind of stuff! I love the cinnamon dolce lattes too! I am so happy you had a great "atypical" day :)

  3. Lol....sometimes the sexuality issues and addiction issues go hand in hand!! Funny, you have to make sure you are standing in front of the right section...ha ha ha. Been there done that. In the evening there is a lot of traffic in that aisle!!!!


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