update on my life...

I rarely blog about the mundane...I wouldn't think anyone was interested in reading about what's been happening in our house lately. So here goes...

I've started working out at the YMCA. It feels great to get back into that kind of exercise...lifting weights, cardio, etc. Since Jake started preschool this year, it has afforded me some time to be able to exercise. Now to clean up the diet...

We bought bunk beds for the boys...their room is a bit small, so we thought a tri-bunk would be great...more floor space. As it turns out, this thing is HUGE! We should have measured everything first!

The three boys have been recently sick with the flu. UGH! No sleep for the momma of 3 coughing boys and 1 snoring hubby. :(

We went apple picking in Vermont last weekend. It was great fun to go with Karl and Shari (my brother-in-law and his wife). The boys had a blast! And we only paid $.50/lb! I also bought some excellent mollasses cookies! YUM!

Since school has started, it has been non-stop fund raisers, bake sales, soccer practice & games, and field trips! Not to mention soccer pictures and school pictures! It has cost us a pretty penny thus far! With still more bake sales and book fairs and holidays on the way!

I had a "girl's" night out! First in a long time! I went with some friends to see Lincoln Brewster at the Abundant Life Church in Saratoga! What an awesome show it was. I felt so blessed to be a part of some truly great worship and got to hear LB's testimony. :)

I have much yard work to do! The leaves on the maples surrounding our yard are almost bare! The fall weather has proven to be rather nice in recent days. I am guessing we are in for some rain or maybe even some snow...as winter approaches.

Our health care coverage is changing. Some good points: decrease in copay from $20 to $15; no copay for well visits (yes, we had to pay $20 this year for well visits!); free asthma medicine! some bad points: The amount they take out weekly will increase, and for hospital admissions, we have to pay 10% of the total bill, up to a family limit of $2500. Hopefully we won't have to use that!

We are planning our first vacation with the boys to Disney World for the fall of 2010. It's exciting and we can't wait!

Well, that's all I have for now... :)


  1. I love those bunks!! I'm thinking of doing a mid-height L loft in Joey's room. (oploftbed.com)
    We shall see.:)
    Yeah for the Y! I wasn't using it much...I don't really have much time!! and the $70/m was killer, so I cancelled it...some days I miss it.
    I bought a kettlebell and love that thing.
    strength + cardio all together.
    I DO NOT miss the fundraiser nonsense! Oy! Even though I'm buying curriculum, I think it still ends up cheaper! and I only have one!
    I hope everyone feels better soon! I think you should get to at least escape to my house for coffee or a nap!:) lol


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