Ode to Joe (some of you know him as Hank)

"This is the Man"

On this our 8th anniversary, I am in awe of God and all he had planned for me, and all that is still yet to come.

Eight years ago, I married a man who I never knew had a six year crush on me. Yes, I said 6 years!

This is the man who, knowing I had a boyfriend, waited 6 years to ask me for my phone number (when I became single).

This is the man who had "moments of silence" whenever he heard my name spoken during those 6 years.

This is the man who, while we dated, said, "I don't do casual."

This is the man who asked my father for my hand in marriage. So "old school."

This is the man who proposed to me on bended knee just 3 months after we started dating.

This is the man who loved me for me: 2 cats, gray hair, neat freak, and walls of brick built up after years of emotional abuse from my previous relationship.

This is the man who I married only 6 months after we started dating, while most everyone told me "what are you thinking?"

This is the man who on our honeymoon sacrificed his sweatshirt to wipe the barf off of my face after I got sea sick on a whale watching boat.

This is the man who has been with me, right by my side, through the birth of our three beautiful boys (and the emotional state that followed each), the death of both my parents (and the aftermath with my family each time), and moving twice (both of which were during a time when we had a one week old child!).

This is the man who brought me chunkey monkey ice cream after I had a terrible "migraine headache day," and I was laid up for two hours, not being able to even stand up to get the boys their lunch.

This is the man who pays attention to the little details about me that no one else sees, or cares to see.

This is the man who never pulls the covers up over my face when he "passes gas" in bed!

This is also the man who sometimes keeps me awake at night with his horendous snoring!

This is the man who makes me smile and laugh everyday that we are together.

This is the man who tells me every day that he loves me and every night says, "thanks for marrying me!"

This is the man who is such a wonderful father to our boys; so patient, so gentle, so understanding.

This is the man who God chose for me. It is no coincidence that we are together as man and wife. God is in the details.

This is the man that I love.

MaryAnne & Josef 9/8/01


  1. Thanks for sharing! That was great. I laughed and cried. Congratulations on 8 wonderful years!

  2. how beautiful!!! happy anniversary!

  3. This just popped into my head after reading this....Hank's mother always used to say..."Jesus, Mary and Joseph" for a "curse" word. And when I read the end where you put god is in the details...I thought- Jesus, Maryanne Josef (MaryAnne & Josef) ...say it fast it is the same!! Wow..corny but kinda neat huh????

    Congrats to you and he IS lucky to have you :)

  4. Oh - I thought this was so sweet. Congratulations on your anniversary - And I wish you many more. Sounds like you are a lucky woman, as well as he is a lucky man.

  5. Aww, that was great. I wish I had spotted it before the party so I could've commented in person. Hank is a great man, and he was matched with a great woman.


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