Where did the month go?

I cannot believe that it's mid-August already! We have been really busy this summer. I cannot believe that the boys start soccer practice next week, with their first game on Sept 12th!
With school starting on Sept 9th, we are trying to cram some more fun in this short summer.
So far this summer, we've been to the Magic Forest, took a ride on the Mini Ha Ha on Lake George, been to Lake Moreau a few times, went to Peerless Pool in Spa Park, went to Adirondack Animal Land, been to several birthday parties (including Nick and Stephen having their parties!), baseball camp, cowboy camp, VBS Crocodile Dock, picnics, and visits from out-of-town family! WHEW! It's no wonder I got sick.
Anyway, I'm am really looking forward to the boys going back to school, and getting back into a routine. I am so routine oriented. Also, Jake starts preschool this fall! I am looking forward to some time to myself.
This September also marks my 45th year here on earth. Wow. 45. Where did my life go? The years are just flying by. I am certainly happy about how my life has ended up so far, with my three boys and my wonderful husband. I am not so happy about my weight & overall health. I know I can do better. I need to do better. I want to be in good health as my boys get older.
So here's to turning 45 & getting healthy!
(P.S. I would have included some pics, but my pics are all on my desktop pc, and it has a virus :( so the pics will have to wait.)


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