Nicholas Andrew....on turning 7

My oldest son Nick is seven today!

It's remarkable to me when I think back to the day he was born. I thought he'd never get here! But just 2 1/2 hrs of labor later, Nick was in my arms! The delivery was rough, no doubt! I wanted an epidural, but the anesthesiologist was in an emergency C-section & the other one was busy...Nick wasn't waiting either! I was pushing my hardest, or so I thought, and the doctor kept saying "one more push," "just one more push"...for several pushes!! I got real tired of hearing that, so I said this is it! and pushed with all my might! Out Nick came, literally flying into the doctor's hands...placenta and all! I know, TMI!

The intern yelled "It's a girl!" The doctor said, "It's a boy." I couldn't see, so I yelled, "WHAT IS IT?" Finally the doctor and Hank said together, "It's a boy!"
We were so happy! I held Nicholas Andrew for the first time. What a rush of emotions. Tears of joy, sadness (because my dad wasn't there to see my first-born), relief, elation, such love!

There's something special about my first son, that I cannot put into words. I wanted a family so bad. I didn't think I would even find a man that I wanted to marry, let alone have a baby with! I was 36 years old when Hank and I started dating. I thought maybe I had missed my window of opportunity. However, God knew exactly what He was doing!

Nick was such a happy baby. He spoiled us! He absolutely loved his crib, and would lie in it for hours if we let him! It was his safe haven. He hit most of his physical milestones early. He was a late talker, but has definitely made up for that! Seven years later, Nick is a bright, funny, & sensitive boy. His smile is never held back and his eyes sparkle!

Nick has a certain "quirkiness" about him, that I just cannot put a finger on. However, he seems to be loving life. He loves to sing, ride his bike, fish with dad, play board games, & Bakugan. He is fast becoming a sports jock! He loves soccer, baseball, and now has an interest in basketball. Which is what gave us an idea for his 7th birthday present: a regulation hoop & ball!

Nick is on the small side, not at all tall; a very picky eater. He's lost at least 5 baby teeth already, & has 4 adult teeth coming in! He likes perfection--I think he gets that from me...a bit of a day dreamer, too. He usually acomplishes what he sets out to do; a formidable attribute to have, I'd say. I have high hopes for my Nicholas. Someday he will be a man and will no longer need his "mommy." But I hope he still wants to be "with" his "mom!"

I love you Snickerdoodle! Happy 7th Birthday!


  1. Aww;-) I'll never forget the day I met Nick!!We had just found out 3 months earlier that Joey was deaf and off we went to visit the special Pre School. We got there and we see all these children, and one little boy SCREAMING! I think it was his first day/week? The teachers tried to console him, no such luck. Joey just looked at me like " supersonic ears are killin me"...He started a couple days later and I kept askign him how Nick was first he would say "still screaming, but I think he likes playing with me" Then later on he told me that he stopped screaming:) The teachers kept telling me that Joey was always going to approach Nick even witht he screaming and really got him to learn to love school:-) Then over the years we discover that we live in the same goofy little village, his mom and I lived in another goofy little village 70 miles away at the same time...and they even went to K together:-)
    Such a small world:) I can't believe the boys are 7...and that Joey's only 5 months away from being 8! I jokingly asked him today if he wanted to move my car and he said "sure"...I think he was dissapointed when I told him I was joking!
    It's so much fun to watch these guys grow up!!:) Don't some way he'll always need his mommy!:)

  2. I remember visiting you guys in Whitehall...Nick was watching teletubbies. Just a little guy! Happy Birthday, Nick!

  3. Nick sounds like a very special, lovely boy. I hope he had a great birthday!


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