Sunday, June 28, 2009

dark skies...

The day before yesterday's weather reminded me of life...dark clouds, blue skies, dark clouds, blue skies, dark clouds, blue skies....

dark cloud--an 8yr relationship ended and I lost touch with a dear friend
blue sky--I accepted the Lord into my heart
dark cloud--lonliness set in
blue sky--I met Hank, we dated and were engaged
dark cloud--my grandfather passed away
blue sky--Hank and I were married!
dark cloud--my dad was diagnosed with cancer
blue sky--I got pregnant!
dark cloud--Hank lost his job
blue sky--Hank got another job :)
dark cloud--my dad passed away
blue sky--Nick was born!
dark cloud--we moved 2 hours away from family and friends
blue sky--Stephen was born!
dark cloud--financial mess!
blue sky--Jake was born!
dark cloud--we had to live with my MIL for a month
blue sky--we finally have a home of our own
dark cloud--my FIL lives with us
blue sky--our family is complete
dark cloud--my mom passed away....

I'll bet you can fill in the blanks with your own "dark cloud" and "blue sky" moments. But I think it's all in how you handle them. If you have Jesus, then you know what I mean. The Lord places "dark clouds" in our lives for a reason. We may not fully understand the "why" of it all, but we can certainly rely on Him to bring us through them to our next "blue sky!"

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  1. Thanks for the reminder that blue skies come after dark clouds! I will have to find the time to sit down and make my own list of "dark clouds, blue skies"!


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