Our New "Unfinished" Project...

Yes, another project started and not yet finished. This seems to be our MO lately. Not that we don't try to finish it, it just seems that life gets in our way.
This time, it's Hank's job. His company is cutting back hours for all employees. Just another symptom of today's recession. For us, that means about $500 less a month. Projects will have to be put on hold. But we place our faith and trust in God that He will provide our needs.

So here are some pics of the new playground. Even though it's not finished, the boys can still play on it, and have lots of fun this summer!


  1. 500 dollar cut!!! WOW!! I am praying for you guys .. I'm sure this time is stressful .. God will provide!

  2. Your in my prayers Sister!!

  3. I know how you feel. It is scary, but what we have needed has been provided. I'll be praying for you.


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