forgiveness on the fly...

ok, so i was at McDonald's today with Jake after our last MOPS meeting...feeling rather good and positive...on the way out, as I was putting Jake in the car, my door accidentally "touched" the car parked next to me. When I say "touched," I do really mean "touched." There was no mark or scrape or anything.
The woman parked so close to me that I had to squeeze Jake in, & my hands were full, so I couldn't grab the door as it swung out.
So the woman comes running over to me..."did that just hit my car?" I said "yes, but it didn't leave a mark or anything." She says to me, "Well then I accept your appology. Thank you very much!" HUH??!! She didn't even give me a chance to say I'm sorry!
wow! I wasn't sure how to take this. Was this to remind me that there are people out there who are quick to judge, or people out there who are quick to forgive?
I'm glad I had a positive attitude...because I chose the latter! It's wonderful to see that God gave that woman a forgiving heart. :O)


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