The Lost Tooth

Nick is a brave one! He had a loose tooth for a while, I guess...because he never told me until this past Wednesday! He kept wiggling his front tooth...and wiggling it...and wiggling it...
Finally at about 8:20pm on Thursday night, Nick came running down the stairs..."MOM! I pulled it out! I pulled my tooth out!" YIKES! I thought there would be some blood, but no...just a tooth! HAHAHA!
He said he just wiggled it and twisted it, and it finally came out. Well then...time for the tooth fairy to come! So we put the little tooth in a baggie and placed it on the table next to his bed. I said the tooth fairy will be here tonight to take it and leave you some money.
Stephen, the middle child who is always listening in says, "There are no such things as fairies, so the tooth fairy isn't real!"
I couldn't tell a lie, so I just said, "You're right, fairies aren't real. Now go to sleep."
The next morning, Nick came running down the stairs..."MOM! The tooth fairy left me 50 cents!" HAHAHA!


  1. Yeah! Eva lost a tooth last week as well. Your "tooth fairy" is nicer than ours. She only gives 25 cents!

    Our older girls know who the tooth fairy is because I didn't want to lie to them when they asked (just like you), but they also know that some parents want their kids to believe in a tooth fairy so they don't say anything to others.

  2. Hey you changed your blog!! I really like it!


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