Jake's Lovey...

Jake has a lovey. His name is "Blue Bear-y." Jake sleeps with his blue beary every night and carries him throughout the day. He loves this bear soooo much! Just recently, blue beary had surgery. Grandma Jill had to "re-stuff" him because he was just limp! Poor little thing! Well, blue beary survived the surgery, and is much better. He is still a bit smelly (because Jake won't let bear out of his site) but at least he's "plump!"


  1. oh how cute. Lindsey has Bear...a bear/blanket that she needs every night. She rubs him on her nose and top lip. I've looked for a stunt double to no avail...luckily she is ok with Bear taking a bath in the washer.

  2. My middle Girl had a bear/blanky. She slept so well with it. But she didn't just sleep with it, it went everywhere with us. It went with us to Walmart one day, and got lost. We put out an APB with customer service, and he was returned!
    She doesn't need him anymore, but you can be I have put it away in a safe place for her to see when she grows up.


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