OK, so I'm venting...

I am really getting tired of crunchy moms! you know who you are! I'm not saying you are wrong because you like organic cotton sheets! but come on ladies! just because I don't feed my family "grass-fed" cow does not make me a bad mom!
I am tired of all this soy sucking, no-pig eating, organic, free-range, goat's milk drinking, no sugar allowed, tofu totin', non-vaccinating, anti-antibiotics, probiotic pushin', cloth diapering, breastfeeding, co-sleeping, "hippie"-go-lucky attitudes that other moms are trying to shove in my face!
HELLO!!!!! God made me their mother! I can handle this! ...with God's help of course.
Thanks for letting me rant...whew! i feel better now.


  1. not to mention how expensive all that stuff is.

  2. AMEN!!!!!
    It is nice to have a blog now isn't it Mare LOL.
    That type of lifestyle drives me nuts. I am glad I am not the only one.

  3. Although I don't do everything you mentioned, I do some of them. I hope I have never tried shoving my beliefs in your face. God made each of us different and that is okay (well, more than okay "it is good!"
    Take comfort in the fact that you are doing a great job with your boys and the only thing that matters is that you are following God's call in your life.

  4. Thanks for your comments ladies. And memoriesmama, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression. It's not YOU, it's the whole era. And I do know someone who does what i rant about. I too am glad that God made each of us different! It would be nice to just accept each other in spite of those differences! :O)

  5. I know you to be someone who puts her children highest on her priority list. That is quite enough!

  6. Futhermore, too much soy is bad for you :-)


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