Vertically Challenged is a euphemism for "being short."  (...and yes, i am.)
However, Vertically Challenged has another meaning for me...
it reminds me how separate i am from God; that i need to draw nearer to Him and get to know Him more intimately...and THAT is my "challenge."

I do not have a "gimmick;" I'm not on the cutting edge of technology; I have no tips on how to coupon or keep your house on a budget; I don't sew or knit; I do craft but I usually follow someone else's ideas; I love scrapbooking but I cannot offer you any unique or new ways to go about it; I do not have any fun recipes to try, or mad photographic skills; I don't have a master's degree or doctorate; I cannot offer you advice on how to raise your children in God's light, or how to discipline them so they won't hate you for the rest of your life; I am not one of the "cool" kids, nor have I ever been; I do not climb mountains or run marathons, I do however kayak; I don't dress savvy; I cannot tell you how to organize your closet, or how to live simply ...

No, I am just an ordinary person, living an ordinary life, in a humble home; a city girl replanted in a very small town; a God-loving woman, a wife to my loving husband, a stay-at-home mom to my three beautiful boys, a crafter, a scrapbooker, a reader...just trying to simply live and overcome the challenges we face every day in this life.  

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